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Posted by:pinnoccio
Subject:Dragorn Great Job on latest - Quick Drone Question
Date:14:56:01 03/10/2009


Firstly can I say thanks on a great job on the latest release, I have now managed to configure and setup my detectors the way I want, data is getting dumped back to the server and displayed correctly.

I have one question though, I realise that each server session sets up a unique UUID to the drones and in the console the 'seen by' shows drone correctly, however is there any way that I could get the specific drone identified in the console screen?

What I'm trying to do is set up a number of detectors in assorted locations connected by assorted VPN's. At the moment in the kismet_drone.conf there is a servername value, however I can't see where that's getting captured in any of the data files.

I could probably write a script to cross reference the UUID value to the IP address to identify which drone, however if it could be shown on the console display it would make life a lot easier.

Thanks in advance.

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