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Posted by:trevelyan
Subject:Problem compiling plugin-ptw on OS X 10.5
Date:12:57:19 30/09/2009


I'm trying to compile plugin-ptw on OS X 10.5 but I am getting build errors and I can't find any mention on the forum:

aircrack-ng.h:224: error: ‘pthread_cond_t’ does not name a type
aircrack-ng.h:225: error: ‘pthread_mutex_t’ does not name a type

kismet its self installed and runs fine

grep says "/usr/include/pthread.h:69:typedef __darwin_pthread_cond_t pthread_cond_t;"

However pthread.h is _only_ included in, but aircrack-ng.h is inlcuded from and

I'm not sure how this will compile on any OS...
So I adding #include <pthread.h> to aircrack-ng.h, it now gives me this error: error: ‘pthread_tryjoin_np’ was not declared in this scope

grep -nr does not find any "pthread_tryjoin_np" in /usr/include
(just pthread_join)

Can anyone help?


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