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Posted by:chipz
Subject:Problems installing Kismet on cygwin
Date:18:39:56 28/09/2009


I am trying to install Kismet on cygwin. I am following the instructions in the readme found at under "Quick start for Windows".

After downloading the tar for Kismet and decompressing the tar to my home/user directory, I copied and pasted the Airpcap_Devpack and Winpcap_Devpack from the Airpcap Devpack that I downloaded to the my Kismet directory.

While in the Kismet directory, I did a ./configure --disable-pcap. I got some warnings, but it config'd successfully. I then edited the makefile so that I had the following variables:

INSTGRP "Administrators"
MANGRP "Administrators"
INSTUSR "chipz" (my windows user name)

I then did a make dep and that seemed to work.

Here's where the problem appears:

I did a make install and got the following errors:

g++ -I/usr/include/ncurses -IAirpcap_Devpack/Include -IWinpcap_Devpack/Include -Wall -g -O2 -D__MINGW32__ -c -o cygwin_utils.o error: prototype for `unsigned int Handle2Fd::MergeSet(_types_fd_set*, int)' does not match any in class `Handle2Fd'
cygwin_utils.h:39: error: candidate is: int Handle2Fd::MergeSet(_types_fd_set*, int) error: `unsigned int Handle2Fd::MergeSet(_types_fd_set*, int)' and `int Handle2Fd::MergeSet(_types_fd_set*, int)' cannot be overloaded
make: *** [cygwin_utils.o] Error 1

Can anybody give me any indication as to what the problem may be. I'll be happy to supply any other info needed to diagnose the problem. Thank you for your time.


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