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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Graph scale meaning
Date:18:14:43 23/09/2009

> Hello,
> Where can I find information about meaning of the scale used in the Graphs ?

Nearly all graphs auto-scale to fit the data, scale will change. Exception is dBm since there is a sane range predefined.

> Examples:
> Main view: Packets (scale 0 to 10) > are we talking packets per second for all networks ?


> Network View: Packet Rate (scale 0 to 8) > do we mean packets per second for a specific network ?


> Channels View
> - signal noise, ok I understand that one, (scale -2 to -110) is expressed in dB


> - packet rate (scale 0 to 4) > number of packets per channel ? Cumulative or not ? Or is this an average per interval ?

Packets per channel per second, peak, over whatever the channel gathering time was, same as the other graphs. Channel gathering time is determined by hopping speed, etc, so can be highly variable. Graph is intended more for trending than for absolute graphing (use per-packet stats for this)

> - traffic (scale 0 to 4676) > what do we mean by traffic ? bytes/sec, packets/sec, bits/sec, etc.



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