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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:How to convert: Kismet 2009 --> Google-Earth (kmz,kml) ?
Date:00:45:55 23/09/2009

> Hey dragorn!
> Does kismet-newcore use any kind of sophisticated coordinate calculation (i.e. multilateration) for the wifi accesspoints based on the GPS location and signal strength acquired along the way? Giskismet does not seem to use any such calculation either, and places access points directly on the travel path. I noticed there are a couple of GPS variables inside the netxml files, could you please explain what those mean exactly? They're inside the gps-info element.

Kismet doesn't do anything clever real-time.

If you want to do offline and attempt to do trilateration, you'll want to parse the gpsxml file, then correlate the bssid/mac stuff with the netxml file.

The netxml min/max stuff is the bounding square where the network was seen, the peak was the strongest signal. The average is a running average over time, and likely skewy and lossy (both bad).

I suggest loading the gpsxml run file and then analyzing the complete sweep - you can handle average skewing and signal points much cleaner then.


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