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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:PTW - Loading Plugin
Date:15:23:01 16/09/2009

> Hello,
> So I'm trying to fully load the PTW plugin. When looking at the plugins in the GUI it shows it under Server Plugins but not Client Plugins.
> I know I'm missing a step here somewhere but just can't clue in 100%. And yes allowplugins=true in the config file.
> Would it have to do anything with running kismet as sudo?

Looks like you solved it (from the followup) but PTW has no client component, it does all its work on the server side of things.

> BTW, a little off the topic. I've noticed if I change the window size of terminal it will crash the kismet server but keep the client running and you can't restart the server unless you fully shutdown kismet.

Fixed in svn, waiting for next release.


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