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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Logging to detected networks
Date:01:02:42 12/09/2009

> Hello,
> I am looking for some kind of solution for the following problem. From time to time I am sweeping my area for open networks. Then I connect to them, browse to webpage which shows my IP address (for example and using that information I check if that IP belongs to our networks. If so I notify user and ask to close its open network using some kind of encryption.
> Question is - how to automate that task using kismet? It shows IP in kismet_ui so I am guessing it uses some kind of event handler to connect to that network and fire dhcp client, so if I could add simple python script to that chain - that would be great.
> Or maybe you have other ideas to make that task easier?

if you send a broadcast packet out your wired network then you can try to detect it coming out bridges - but that will only work for bridge, not NAT, APs.

Kismet doesn't connect to networks (infact, you can't connect to a network while in monitor mode). The IP is derived from traffic on the network captured in monitor mode.

Your options are probably either:

1) Do a run with kismet, then write a script to parse the netxml and do a slower run with an auto-connector.

2) Run two cards, and write a small bit of script to listen to the kismet network protocol and connect to each BSSID. With the newer Kismet releases you could even insert a tag to log the DHCP IP in the netxml file and process them later so the person running around doesn't even have to think much.

There was a blog post with a basic network client in awk and bash, but basically all you need to do is connect, enable the BSSID and SSID sentences, parse those out, and use the ADDNETTAG protocol command to add EXTIP or some other field.


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