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Posted by:jhoude
Subject:Kismet-newcore (BT4 Pre Final) detect channel 1 only
Date:15:13:29 11/09/2009

Hi guys,

I hope somebody can shed some light on my problem. I am using Kismet-newcore, but it doesn't seems to channel hop properly. It only detect networks that are on channel 1. I saw a network on channel 2 only once. Here are my settings

- Mac OS X 10.5
- VMware Fusion 2.0.5 running the BT4 Pre Final appliance
- Wireless card is a Linksys WUSB600 Version 1 (using the RT2870STA module)
- Default Kismet-newcore installation of BT4

Card is detected properly, once configured, Kismet starts properly too. Channel hopping "seems" to be enabled as well. Actually, if I use "iwconfig ra0" I can see the Frequency changing (which should indicate that channels are changing...).

Now that said, I notice that Kismet-newcore (compared to the old core) doesn't display the Carrier. So I am wondering if my problem is really channel hopping or if it is that I only detect 802.11n carriers.

I searched Google and the Kismet documentation but nothing close to my problem showed up...

Does anyone have an idea or already seen that problem?



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