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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Missing structures in XML DTD
Date:00:44:10 11/09/2009

> Hi okay so here it is
> I checked the for the correct var types and validated against my log files. I created a patch for the XML Writer which changes the header to the XSD file and I changed the ordering of 2 elements. Wireless-network an wireless-client had a differnet ordering for encryption, dott11d, info, ssid. I didn't change the code but changed the order for the writing. The header ist configured so that the XSD file must be place at the root of Hope this is ok, because it would be a great help for everyone who parses with DOM or uses an XML Mapper.

Something is screwy with this patch, it's a format I don't really recognize, if you can email me a better formatted one (against svn would be best, so svn diff should generate it in a sane format), I'll apply it.

It looks like it'll break everyone doing xml with kismet currently by changing a bunch of the format though, that's highly unfortunate.


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