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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet on Macbook pro
Date:21:31:47 02/09/2009

> Hey,
> I just used Macports to install Kismet on my Macbook pro which has got a Airport Extreme Card (BCM43xx) compiling and installing went fine. Now i tried to change 2 entries in /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf
> I have to set "source=darwin,en1,airport_extreme"and replace your_user_here in suiduser with my username
> but I cant find those entries inf kismet.conf...I just can find some line containing "#nsource=..."
> what am i doing wrong ?
> thx for your help in advance!

You're looking at a readme for an old version of Kismet.

With the current releases (which it sounds like you're running), just run 'kismet' (you may need to run it as root via sudo if you didn't install it as suidroot), and it'll ask you what source you want to capture on, just tell it 'en1' and hit OK. The new stuff is all auto-detected.

Check the documentation link on the site for how to make the change permanent, but you don't, technically, need to edit the config anymore at all.

A warning: I'm told Snow Leopard broke the wifi channel control API. I don't have it yet for testing, so I don't know quite what will happen.


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