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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Drone on Newcore
Date:21:29:26 02/09/2009

> I have the firewall's turned off on both boxes and there is no other firewalls between them. And I have the droneallowed list configured, would I see this message "Kismet drone client connected to remote server" if this was not entered correctly?
> Should I be using port 3501 or is it supposed to be 2502?
> I am running kismet_drone from the drone. When I said I could see data from the drone that is when I was just running kismet as a test to see if my wlan0 was working. Thanks for any input.

Whatever port you configure on the drone - it doesn't matter what you use, it just needs to be consistent.

The "connected to remote server" message triggers higher up in the tcp socket process, it means you're getting a tcp handshake. it looks like you aren't getting any drone data after that though.

Try netcat and see what shows up from tht port. Drone data will be a big messy pile of crap, but it'll be data.


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