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Posted by:harmeyci
Subject:Drone on Newcore
Date:20:55:10 02/09/2009

> > I have upgraded my drone and server to newcore. The drone is detecting networks and packets. From the server it says Kismet drone client connected to reomote server "Drone Name" using protocol version 1. But then it errors out with "No frames from Kismet drone server at <ip address>:3501 in 20 seconds, disconnecting.". Any ideas.
> Check your firewall rules, check that the drone is still running, check that the drone allows the IP you're connecting from.
> The drone should be sending status frames fairly regularly so when the server sees nothing it assumes the connection is bad and disconnects.
> Are you sure you're running wht you think you're running? The drone doesn't detect networks, it only dumps packets back to the server. It doesn't do any decode locally at all and cannot detect anything. You can run the server with drone code enabled, but the drone by itself will not.
> -m

I have the firewall's turned off on both boxes and there is no other firewalls between them. And I have the droneallowed list configured, would I see this message "Kismet drone client connected to remote server" if this was not entered correctly?

Should I be using port 3501 or is it supposed to be 2502?

I am running kismet_drone from the drone. When I said I could see data from the drone that is when I was just running kismet as a test to see if my wlan0 was working. Thanks for any input.

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