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Posted by:leptserkhan
Subject:Newcore not showing captured data to window
Date:15:55:07 30/08/2009

thanks. Just needed to know if it was me or the program. I'll now go back and dig deeper.

Thanks again for your help.

> > Is it normal behavior to not see captured data scrolling by like was possible in the old kismet behavior.
> >
> > Are we expected to view this data in wireshark instead of in kismet new core?
> >
> > Pre new-core there was a keyboard combination (I can't remember it now) that when pressed, would show captured data in a window. If you have locked onto a channel and were filtering via mac address, this would only be the information you are interested in.
> There was never anything which showed data.
> If you mean showing strings, correct, that is not currently in the newcore UI.
> Patches are welcome, otherwise it'll get added when I get to it. While it was amusing, it wasn't actually all that useful, so it's not very high on the list at the moment.
> -m

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