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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Newcore not showing captured data to window
Date:05:07:34 30/08/2009

> Is it normal behavior to not see captured data scrolling by like was possible in the old kismet behavior.
> Are we expected to view this data in wireshark instead of in kismet new core?
> Pre new-core there was a keyboard combination (I can't remember it now) that when pressed, would show captured data in a window. If you have locked onto a channel and were filtering via mac address, this would only be the information you are interested in.

There was never anything which showed data.

If you mean showing strings, correct, that is not currently in the newcore UI.

Patches are welcome, otherwise it'll get added when I get to it. While it was amusing, it wasn't actually all that useful, so it's not very high on the list at the moment.


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