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Posted by:leptserkhan
Subject:No signal bars, cannot sort on signal strength in new core
Date:16:32:48 29/08/2009

> I'm running a new BT4 install with kismet new core.
> Perhaps this is intended, but I am unable to sort on signal strength and I cannot see per network signal strengths.
> This was very useful in the prior version. What I do see are orange and grey blocks scrolling along the bottom which I believe are supposed to indicate network activity. If these blocks are supposed to related to signal strength -- if that's where this information has now migrated to -- can someone confirm that for me?
> I cannot determine the signal strength of nearby access points. They are all mixed up together.
> thank you.

Sorry. I meant that I am unable to sort by the signal strength in the column that numerically states the signal strength. Is that an option anymore. I understand that the reported signal strength was bunk, but for me it did provide some indication about the strength of signals in my area. But if it is does not provide correct information then I guess I can live with that. Thanks for your help. My only remaining question is how to sort on the numbers that are reported.

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