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Posted by:pinnoccio
Subject:Segmentation fault - newcore
Date:18:05:10 27/08/2009


I'm running newcore on a Dual Core setup and using drones to collect the data, it can run OK but I am getting infrequent segfaults.

kismet_server[24876]: segfault at 41c ip 08066d05 sp bfa86f20 error 4 in kismet_server[8047000+91000]
kismet_server[24879]: segfault at 41c ip 08066d05 sp bfa36420 error 4 in kismet_server[8047000+91000]
kismet_server[24882]: segfault at 41c ip 08066d05 sp bf95e780 error 4 in kismet_server[8047000+91000]
kismet_server[24940]: segfault at 41c ip 08066d05 sp bfff2e70 error 4 in kismet_server[8047000+91000]
kismet_client[17788]: segfault at 31312d61 ip 054908da sp bf918d30 error 4 in[53fd000+e3000]
kismet_client[28593]: segfault at 2030382d ip 054908da sp bf8c6920 error 4 in[53fd000+e3000]
kismet_client[29023]: segfault at 796e6f4f ip 054908da sp bfc02b10 error 4 in[53fd000+e3000]
kismet_client[29962]: segfault at 99a ip 054908da sp bf8fbe10 error 4 in[53fd000+e3000]
kismet_client[29972]: segfault at 3432302d ip 054908da sp bf8b8df0 error 4 in[53fd000+e3000]
kismet_client[30215]: segfault at 3062652e ip 054908da sp bfe629d0 error 4 in[53fd000+e3000]

The data is ONLY collected from drones and no local wifi adapter is on the unit.

Any ideas?

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