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Posted by:pinnoccio
Subject:Newcore Drone configuration.....Example kismet_drone.conf please
Date:18:00:49 27/08/2009

> > I did a complete clean compile and install with no added bits on the fonera.
> >
> > I thought you might be interested to see the dmesg dump when I fire up kismet_drone
> > Normal free:2812kB min:508kB low:632kB high:760kB active_anon:528kB inactive_anon:652kB active_file:12kB inactive_file:0kB present:16256kB pages_scanned:0 all_unreclaimable? no
> > Out of memory: kill process 715 (ash) score 41 or a child
> > Killed process 2212 (kismet_drone)
> You've got 2 meg of ram free.
> That's very, very, very little.
> Kismet_drone needs about 1.8 resident and about 4.5 virtual (on libc). You could try to profile it and see if there's anything you can trim out.
> -m

OK I've managed to get to the bottom of this error.

The default kismet_drone.conf file has all the default channel selections turned on, none of them are commented out, when I left just the 802.11b 1-13 channels as the only selection I can now successfully run drone on a fonera (by the way the fonera normally has about 5mb free, it's just this one had some specific software running).

So now I've got this problem addressed I'm posting a new message for the next problem.

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