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Posted by:offline
Subject:Problem with Newcore logfiles
Date:11:55:43 27/08/2009

I have a great difficulty extracting APs in a nice table format such as excel... It used to be very easily done with the csv logfile of the devel version.

When i use a gps device and the kismet newcore version, with the use of giskismet i can convert the netxml into kml for visual representation. Giskismet provides a dbl (sqlite) file which i can later convert to csv and import it to excel for a nice table of the identified APs. It is still a bit of a long procedure but at least it can be done.

The problem is when i do not use a gps device. The netxml file does not have obviously the gps relevant data and giskismet fails to create a valid dbl file. So i cannot extract the identified APs into a nice simple table.

I tried to rename the netxml to xml and import this to excel but the output is very ugly.

Is there a tool out already or a way to accomplish what i m trying to do?

If not it looks like i m gonna have to revert to the devel version.

Thanks in advance

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