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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Mapping APs with kismet+gps while I'm standing still?
Date:13:56:03 25/08/2009

> Dear friends,
> I'm new in the comunity. A greeting to all.
> I'm trying to map APs of my area(250 square meters), standing still in my garden.
> If I walk along the route of APs, I get the correct coordinates and then the correct mapping on googlearth.
> If I standing still in my garden, I get the same coordinates for all APs, that is the coordinates of my garden(where I'm standing still).
> Can I map an area with kismet+gps+googlearth, standing still?


There is no way to know where an AP is, only where you are. Unless you move around in a sane mapping pattern so that the average data tends to trend towards where the AP is, that's the end of the game.


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