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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Newcore Drone configuration.....Example kismet_drone.conf please
Date:20:56:57 24/08/2009

> Hi Guys
> I have a Fonera which I'm trying to setup as a drone for a desktop setup.
> I've compiled the 2009 newcore version of kismet drone as part of an openwrt build without a problem, however (and this isn't a criticism) I can't find a working example of a kismet_drone.conf anywhere

Uncomment the drone options in the kismet config and the server becomes a drone, or name it accordingly for the drone-only code to use. The drone will ignore anything it doesn't need in the config, so just turn on the drone listen section.

> and when I try to run the drone on the fonera it's locking up and requiring a total power off reboot.

This is not something a kismet config would change (unless you're somehow losing your IP and it's not locked up, just not network-reachable)

> I've been messing with this for over 6 hours now and have got to the point where I don't know if it's a problem with the setup, a bad build or a bad flash (unlikely as everything else is working).

A true lockup is by definition a kernel bug - userspace should never be able to cause the system to fall over, it would be an exploitable DoS. That said, it's entirely plausible that Kismet is activating a bug in your wifi drivers. You say lockup - are you sure you're not losing network connectivity? Kismet won't unconfigure your wired interfaces, but you'll almost definitely lose functionality on your wireless interface.

If you can crack open the device and connect a TTL converter to the serial port you can probably get a better idea of what's going on - if it's truly locked up, and where the kernel panic is.


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