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Posted by:blub
Subject:Missing structures in XML DTD
Date:19:29:51 17/08/2009

> second card-source renamed to card-interface in svn.
> Packets inside SSID is a totally different record than packets for the BSSID, it shouldn't be considered the same tag at all.
> -m

okay nice :-)

packets is a structure used in "wireless-network" and "wireless-client". But packets is also a child from SSID. Which are both the same tag. Don't get me wrong this is nobodys fault or wrong it is just a con from DTD. It does not support NameSpaces. So both "Packets" are from the same Object Type. Which leads to the following problem: If you are using a DTD to Object Mapper (JAXB) both "Packets" are resembled by the same class. As I said this is a weakness of DTD. The easiest solution is to use XML Schmema the successor of DTD. If you give your "go" I could go threw the code and create an XML schema. Another benefit of XML Schema would be, that the Attributes would have real type like int, bool.. etc... So just tell me if you would accept an XML Schema file for kismet..

Greets BL

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