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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Missing structures in XML DTD
Date:13:05:13 14/08/2009

> Ok I ve got a proper DTD. Atleast it it proper for my log files.
> I don't know if there are some new structure which are not in my log files but can be written by Kismet. But my main concern is your use of "card-source" and "packets". You are using both tags in 2 completely different ways. card-source is even the child of card-source... And packets are used in the SSID structure and packets is an own complex type at the same time. You could for exmample just change the name of the tags. If there is another way I can help just tell me.

second card-source renamed to card-interface in svn.

Packets inside SSID is a totally different record than packets for the BSSID, it shouldn't be considered the same tag at all.


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