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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:rt3090 Ubuntu8.04 ---- available?
Date:14:28:59 13/08/2009

> Mr Dragorn, thanks your advise.
> > Upgrade to a version of Kismet which was actually released when that chipset existed, such as the current versions. Your version is over a year out of date.
> I download the source of Version 2009-06-R1, and compiled it.
> The kismet worked!
> However, I got the error in the message window as:
> Error: pcap prism2 converter saw strange capture frame(PRISM80211 linktype,
> unable to determne prism headers)
> Also, the hidden networks can not be detected.
> Any solution to solve the error?

Your drivers are broken and giving invalid packets. The rtl 11n stuff has in general very bad drivers in monitor mode, hopefully over time either the vendor fixes them or they're rewritten as proper linux in-kernel drivers.


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