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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Terminal emulation problem- columns not lining up
Date:07:53:25 01/08/2009

> Whenever I run kismet (on the backtrack3 liveCD) from a ssh session in SecureCRT (my preferred emulation program), the columns do not line up and it doesn't look right. The emulation mode is ansi.
> It looks like this:
> <img src="">
> However, it looks right when running it from xterm session on the server, or a puTTY session.
> Funny thing is, everything else seems ok in SecureCRT (I can edit with vi just fine, etc).
> How can I fix this?

Your terminal emulator looks completely FUBARed, I'd try another. no idea what's going on there, but it's something in the emulator.


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