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Posted by:mossmann
Subject:packet source without file descriptor
Date:14:28:46 27/07/2009

> > I'm working on a new packet source in a server plugin and ran into a small problem. I would like Poll() to directly call userspace code that does not require a file descriptor, but it seems that Poll() never gets called unless FetchDescriptor() returns a valid file descriptor. Is there an easy way around this? Thanks!
> Nothing comes to mind, unfortunately. select() is deeply ingrained in how kismet expects things to happen. you could try to fake it with a pipe you manually raise hot, though that's really really ugly.
> -m

Thanks, Mike! What do you think about opening /dev/null? I suppose my Poll() would get called more frequently that way, but most of the time it will just do a quick check to see if there is anything to pull off a ring buffer.

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