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Posted by:litspliff
Subject:unknown mac-ad probing my networks
Date:07:13:41 27/07/2009

i did a lookup on the mac address (00:11:F5:A7:8D:E4) and it is leased to askey computer corp, some taiwan manufacturer. i am fairly certain i don't own anything that uses hardware from this company. i did an nmap of the subnet containing all of my network equipment and it doesn't match anything on my IP network.

quote from kismet:
Associated probe network "00:11:F5:A7:8D:E4" with "00:23:69:XX:XX:XX(my kismet server)" via probe response.

after a bit of waiting it repeatedly says this:
00:11:F5:A7:8D:E4 probing networks but never participating.

as well as this, i have FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF (the broadcast address) showing up associated with my network. i thought that was strange....

finally, i'm using the B43 drivers, and my card does not wake up from monitor there a workaround?

can anyone make sense out of this? if these are dumb questions, URLs will suffice..and sorry for wasting your time. i'm kinda new to the wireless forensics scene.

i have my wireless network isolated in a basement with a roof that basically amounts to a faraday cage, so very little traffic from outside networks can get in.

thanks much, and if the developer(s) are reading....great piece of software!!!

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