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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Permissions on OS X?
Date:15:48:55 25/07/2009

> Well, the ~/Documents/Kismet directory DOES exist, and in fact if I omit the logprefix entry (so the files would default to the directory from which kismet was run) I get the same error message.

If the exact directory specified in your error existed, the OS wouldn't be returning the error that it doesn't exist.

> OS X has its own user database, and /etc/passwd is not used (Unless kismet is reading the file itself). Here are the comment lines from the top of /etc/passwd:

The system must provide sane user home directory to posix via getpwent(), which it does - Kismet runs just fine on my development mac, & I haven't heard this from any other mac users.

Check capitalization, check what OSX is saying your users home directory is, or hardcode a full path for logs manually.


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