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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:What does WISPYDBx_USB_SAMPLESPOINT_58 in wispy_hw_dbx.c?
Date:15:46:50 20/07/2009

> Hi, Dragorn,
> And do you know what's sampling rate of Wispy DBx?
> I found if the WISPYDBx_USB_SAMPLESPOINT_58 is incrased to a large number, say 256, the actual speed is not that many times slower as it was 1.

The firmware is probably limiting you and quenching the # of samples. There is no sane reason to ever use a number that large so I wouldn't be surprised in the least. I don't have the specs handy at the moment.

> Is there any detailed spec of Wispy sticks accessable where these issuses are mentioned?

Not that I'm aware of publicly, no.


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