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Posted by:hanwenbewell
Subject:What does WISPYDBx_USB_SAMPLESPOINT_58 in wispy_hw_dbx.c?
Date:08:12:30 20/07/2009

Hi, Dragorn,

And do you know what's sampling rate of Wispy DBx?
I found if the WISPYDBx_USB_SAMPLESPOINT_58 is incrased to a large number, say 256, the actual speed is not that many times slower as it was 1.
Is there any detailed spec of Wispy sticks accessable where these issuses are mentioned?


> > I guess WISPYDBx_USB_NUM_SAMPLES_58 x WISPYDBx_USB_RESHZ_58 is the total scanned bandwidth?
> > So, how about WISPYDBx_USB_SAMPLESPOINT_58?
> > What does POINT and SAMPLES here mean?
> As grep shows, it's assigned to samples_per_point, ie, how many samples are averaged by the hardware for each reported point.
> > I tried to increase WISPYDBx_USB_SAMPLESPOINT_58 and I found the scan getting slower.
> Correct. It will. Drastically so.
> -m

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