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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:About ESC key
Date:13:55:48 18/07/2009

> My ESC key sometimes behaves weird for activating menu items.
> When I press "` s" it goes Sort submenu, but when i press "ESC s" it doesnt.
> Could "ESC" behave like "`" ?

There will be a delay if you use escape instead of ` because of how ncurses processes multichar escape keys like arrows, F1, etc. It has to wait for a timeout to see if you're actually hitting 'up' not just escape, if you hit another key in the meantime nothing particularly good will happen. I suggest using `/~

> On the other hand, could it be better to bind ESC key to "close window" instead of "activating menu"? I think that using ESC to close windows or exit things is intuititive.

See problem above, avoiding escape alltogether is a better idea.


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