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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Signal strength with Prism chipset
Date:15:35:31 16/07/2009

> I'm not using a Broadcom-based card, I am using the XI-325H from Zcomax. Under the latest development revision of newcore, if I try to let it autodetect it says 'b43' and then crashes. If I manually configure the source to use the hostap driver (which should be correct since I'm using a card with a Prism 2.5 chipset), everything does work as expected, but 'No signal data is available'. Signal data is reported with other tools such as WireShark, but Kismet for some reason isnt reading and displaying that data.

Your system is deeply confused somehow then - the only way it could think you're using the b43 driver is if your drivers are registering that in the /sys filesystem in /sys/class/net/<interface>/device/driver ... there isn't any fallthough in kismet that would make it think b43 if nothing else was found.

As far as signal levels, i don't even have a prism2 card anymore (or, well, I probably do, but I have no idea where it is since moving). I'd expect it to pick up the signal level from the prism2 header (or whatever the hostapd drivers are using now, did they ever update to radiotap proper?). Patches are welcome.


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