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Posted by:bsmith80
Subject:Signal strength with Prism chipset
Date:20:35:08 15/07/2009

I also wanted to add that this hardware worked just fine with the 'old' kismet using the b43 drivers. Using the latest development source, when I try to autodetect the interface it comes back with 'b43' and then crashes. Is there any way to have the signal strength readings show up in newcore, regardless of how inaccurate they may be?


> Hello,
> I am having trouble getting signal strength to report in kismet. I am using a ZCom card (XI-325H) and the hostap driver, with the latest newcore release of kismet. I can run tcpdump while kismet is running and the signal info is reported there. Is there something I'm missing to have this data show up in Kismet? It simply says 'No signal data available'.
> Thanks,

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