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Posted by:thulldud
Subject:Startup segfault on Sabayon 4
Date:17:04:46 14/07/2009

> Looks like they don't understand what uclibc is. No-one should ever be dual-packaging uclibc and libc on a system, there's zero point to having both, and bad stuff will happen. Whoever made the sabayon package has no idea what they're doing.

In the course of researching this problem, I looked up the original developer's website, and found out exactly what uClibc++ actually is.

In a previous post, I mentioned that the lib came in when I loaded the Spritz-packaged kismet. While this is true of the 4.2 system, the first one I installed was 4.0, and that one seems to have loaded it by default. No way I am going through another wipe and reinstall (or actually two of them!) to confirm or disprove that statement.

> Definitely - uclibc is an alternate embedded libc implementation and has no business being dual-installed on a full system, and is by no means required by Kismet.

Count another satisfied (at last!) kismet user...I left it running on the dining room table overnight and this am it had found 17 networks! Until now I had known only of three in my neighborhood.


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