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Posted by:thulldud
Subject:Startup segfault on Sabayon 4
Date:15:57:13 13/07/2009

> > Glad it's not just me, anyway. Sabayon is very pretty, and most things seem to "just work" out of the box with it, but when it breaks, it be real ugly.
> >
> > That being said, I will just try this again with the latest build of Sabayon, and then I'm going after them if it's still b0rken.
> >
> > Will let you know how it turns out.
> I'm open to ideas they have, but since this code is stable (or at least, doesn't exhibit this brand of wackiness) on all other linux distros that I know of, as well as (i'm told) compiling and working fine in icc, and bsd, and osx, and cygwin ... I'm going to have to blame Sabayon for this one :)
> -m


So, after doing the build and test on SUSE 11.1 AMD-64 KDE (which worked perfectly!), I thought that maybe I could substitute SUSE's libuClibc++ for the one in Sabayon. Big surprise -- SUSE does not include this lib. A check of the kismet config.log confirmed that it looked for the lib and did not find it, so it linked around it and built anyway.

The only reason I had had libuClibc++ in my Sabayon system was that emerge picked it up when I installed the Sabayon stock kismet binary, or so it would appear. It does not come in by default. To prove this, I wiped the box (again!) and installed Sab 4.2, and then immediately loaded the kismet source tarball and ran a fresh build. Config had no complaints, and the linker commands showed no mention of libuClibc++; rather they had libstdc++, which is OK.

And the resulting kismet binary works. :-P

So I am now going to report this back to Sabayon. I did not see any other apps with a dependence on this library -- only kismet, which apparently links and runs just fine without it.

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