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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:2009 Looks a bit Buggy to me
Date:02:47:58 08/07/2009

> I have 2008 version of kismet.conf on my 2009 BT4 live disk which I ran from my PC. That is where I added the lines. I will recheck the 2009 version installed on my BT4 laptop to verify what you stated and get back. Why would a year make the difference in this case.

Because.... there's been a year of development and it's a completely different version?

Obviously if you use a config file from an utterly different version (with a LOT of very obvious "you need to change everything" notices which, apparently, were ignored) then things aren't going to work like you wanted them to. I expect the network service is least of your problems with misconfigured things if you're trying to force different config files. Don't.


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