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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:2009 Looks a bit Buggy to me
Date:15:19:39 07/07/2009

> It worked for me. I took those lines out and it did not work. Put them back and it did.

Then you aren't running the version of kismet you think you are, or you have a deeply broken system, or some form of corruption in your config file which is buffered out by adding extra garbage lines.

I 100% guarantee you that with the current Kismet releases (2009-05-R2 and 2009-06-R1) that those lines are 100% meaningless and are not considered in any way.

dragorn@drd1813 ~/src/kismet $ grep -i bindaddress *.cc
dragorn@drd1813 ~/src/kismet $ grep -i tcpport *.cc

Nowhere does the code reference either of those config options. Those are only relevant for kismet-old and releases earlier than 2009.


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