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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:2009 Looks a bit Buggy to me
Date:03:46:24 07/07/2009

> After putting my card in promiscuous

This has no effect what so ever.

> I put a desktop icon of Kismet on my Desktop. I set permissions to executable.
> I then edited kismet.conf and added the following:
> for my card "ncsource=wlan0
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> # Port to serve GUI data
> tcpport=2501
> # this host, reverts to INADDR_ANY if specified incorrectly.
> bindaddress-

These lines, being from a previous version of kismet, are irrelevant and are not processed. Adding them has no effect.

> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> I then started the kismet_server in a terminal and launched kismet from the icon. All this seemed to get it going.

Sounds like you resolved whatever your issue was, however if your system does not properly set up lo (and ALL SYSTEMS ARE EXPECTED TO), then any network service which tries to behave securely and bind only to the local system will break. This will be much more widespread than just kismet, and I will NOT be changing the default behavior of kismet to bind to all interfaces.


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