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Posted by:PAUL
Subject:Cannot connect to the kismet-server 2009 version
Date:00:59:21 05/07/2009

No problems in the previous kismet.conf."source=madwifi_g,wifi0,Atheros".
The 2009 version of Kismet is entirely different. It now has a "ncsource=" line.
madwifi_g is now "ath5k" and wifi0 is "wlan0".
I would think all that would be necessary would be, for example, to replace madwifi_g with ath5k and wifi0 with wlan0, but that does not seem to work.
I am able to put my card in the monitor mode (ie monitor mode enabled on mon0) and packet injection works!
When I start kismet, I get "could not connect kismet server localhost:2501. I cannot connect to the kismet server. I tried editing the kismet_ui.conf localhost line replacing it with my localhost IP and port 2501. So editing the kismet_ui.conf didn't help.
I'm using the latest Backtrack4 release for this and am having problems running kismet.
Thanks for any suggestions

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