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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:double wireless card
Date:21:26:32 01/07/2009

> I've finally upgrade to Kismet-2009-06-R1 but set-up seems to be different:
> I've two 802.11p (5.89GHz) interfaces (ath0 and ath1) each one have other three interfaces athX.1 .2 .3... I usually use them to communicate with other identical machine using protocols encapsulated in IPv6.
> I starts kismet using "kismet -X -c ath0" but it replace all interfaces ath0 ath0.0 ath0.1 ath0.2, with kis0 kis0.0 kis0.1 kis0.2 and channel hop is still enable!
> The new kis0 is a monitor mode interface and I like it (I can capture Radiotap) but I would like to keep ath0 ath0.0 ath0.1 ath0.2 and also have kis0 in monitor mode with channel hop not-enable at same frequency of ath0 (5.89GHz)!

It's in in the docs, in short, disable vap destruction and disable channel hopping on that interface when you define it.

However, don't expect madwifi to work when you run kismet. Madwifi doesn't do a very good job of multi-vap in different modes.

> When I close Kismet, kis0 has been destroyed and there is no ath0 interface

Correct. This is expected for how you configured it.

> /tmp is flushed automatically at set intervals by Fedora

I don't know what this means. Kismet doesn't do anything with /tmp; if you're logging there and you don't want files to go away, don't log there. This is also a terrible thing for fedora to be doing, but whatever.

> It also seems Kismet is not using my /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf because I've add
> sourceopts=ath0:novapkill
> and I've change log-files default name but It still save with the old one even if I run kismet using -f option
> kismet -c ath0 -X -f /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf

You're either not running the kismet you think you are or you're not editing the config file you think you are.


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