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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:2009-05-RC2 "Corrupted Radiotap header length"
Date:21:35:49 28/06/2009

> Just saw there's a 2009-06-R1 available so I'll d/l that and compile as soon as I get a chance - hopefully later this afternoon.
> While running 2009-05-RC2 I see an awful lot of error messages indicating...
> "pcap radiotap converter got corrupted Radiotap header length"
> This is running under Ubuntu 8.04 (2.6.24-24-generic) w/ an Intel 4965AGN internal card.
> Anything obvious to take a look at?
> I'll report back after I've got 2009-06-R1 running.

It means you have broken drivers - 2.6.24 is absolutely ancient in terms of wifi drivers, I'm amazed they work at ALL in monitor mode. Upgrade to the latest kernel (2.6.30) and it will go away - your drivers are spewing invalid fragmented packets to Kismet, and Kismet is doing it's best to deal with them (which is more or less "throw them away and tell you they're broken"). There's nothing to debug - your drivers are old and busted.

The latest Kismet release silences that error, but your drivers are still bad - in addition to reporting invalid packets, they're probably not reporting all packet types.


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