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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet client segfault with dect
Date:14:34:50 25/06/2009

> I installed DECT plugin with latest kismet build (2009_06_R1) and using a com_on_air DECT card with latest dedected trunk.
> kismet_server starts and dump messages.
> However the client display some info message related to DECT but segfault after some seconds while server continues to run.
> I tried to launch client with different options but it always segfault.
> I get this message in the kernel:
> [ 216.904910] com_on_air_cs: sniffer initialized
> [ 221.076158] kismet_client[7155]: segfault at 00000015 eip b7f5ed3a esp bfc618e0 error 4
> [ 224.878285] kismet_client[7172]: segfault at 00000015 eip b7f2ed3a esp bfc4e110 error 4
> Does anyone has a clue on this ?

I'm in the middle of rewriting the dect client plugin (though it's shelved for a few right now). If you just upgraded kismet, make sure you remove the old dect plugin and recompile it (C++ gets cranky and weird when it's got API mismatches between libraries and main code and crashes instead of errors, often). If that still doesn't work, fire it up in gdb and let me know what error it crashed with, and at some point in the next few weeks I'll try to get the plugin update done, where it uses the new menu API and such.


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