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Posted by:albert
Subject:kismet client segfault with dect
Date:13:54:36 25/06/2009

I installed DECT plugin with latest kismet build (2009_06_R1) and using a com_on_air DECT card with latest dedected trunk.

kismet_server starts and dump messages.

However the client display some info message related to DECT but segfault after some seconds while server continues to run.
I tried to launch client with different options but it always segfault.

I get this message in the kernel:
[ 216.904910] com_on_air_cs: sniffer initialized
[ 221.076158] kismet_client[7155]: segfault at 00000015 eip b7f5ed3a esp bfc618e0 error 4
[ 224.878285] kismet_client[7172]: segfault at 00000015 eip b7f2ed3a esp bfc4e110 error 4

Does anyone has a clue on this ?

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