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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Kismet 2009-05-RC2 minor grieviances
Date:20:49:21 22/06/2009

> > > 4) Serial GPS connectivity is great. Minor snag with BT GPS's automatically added with Bluez. Unless Kismet is started as root, the IPC opening /dev/rfcomm crashes kismet_server.
> >
> > Crashes eh? Alright. You can fix your rfcomm permissions with udev, too. I'll look to see what the crash is.
> I can't recreate this...
Ubuntu 9.04 UNR specific I think - I just found out they forgot to add rfcomm to the dialout group in the udev rules. There's even a bugrep filed about it on the Ubuntu bugtracker. I wonder what else they forgot in the haste to get Jaunty out the door. The problem isn't there when running Ibex or Karmic, nor in Debian. So don't look more into it on my behalf, but write it down to a case of dd (DistroDumbness).

> > > 5) Missing dbus functionality in stopping NM from oldkismet. Upon exit from kismet, wlan0 is left up in monitor mode. Oldkismet managed to restore wlan0 to managed mode without promisc set on the if.
> SVN now does a better job of restoring and forces VAP on for mac80211 if it can support it so the base interface doesn't get screwed up.
Will pull an update down, and test.

Btw if you're on the lookout for another fun device to haul around to the cons, an AAO A110L is highly recommendable, if you are looking for a netbook. Less than 1 kg, usable keyboard, very clear screen, and the 8 GB SSD is adequate for a InfoSec/wardriving rig. Highly hackable as well, internal BT mod is easy to do and well documented, the same for SATA mods, if one wants to add a harddisk, or 3G mods if an online presence is required on the road. I'm guessing the price stateside on the A110L is pretty much dumped, after the 10 and 11 inch models have been introduced. Highly recommended from this end.

Another note, regarding the upcoming Kismap app. Include support for OSM maps, they are getting to the point where they actually are more precise and uptodate than commercial offerings for a lot of areas. Holler if you need some contacts on the technical side, and I'll put you in touch with some of the british boffins relocated to the states.
I'm trying myself to hack oldkismet's gpsmap processing to support OSM's tileserver as a map source. I'll send you a patch when I am satisfied with it.

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