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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet 2009-05-RC2 minor grieviances
Date:18:54:57 22/06/2009

> > 4) Serial GPS connectivity is great. Minor snag with BT GPS's automatically added with Bluez. Unless Kismet is started as root, the IPC opening /dev/rfcomm crashes kismet_server.
> Crashes eh? Alright. You can fix your rfcomm permissions with udev, too. I'll look to see what the crash is.

I can't recreate this...

> > 5) Missing dbus functionality in stopping NM from oldkismet. Upon exit from kismet, wlan0 is left up in monitor mode. Oldkismet managed to restore wlan0 to managed mode without promisc set on the if.

SVN now does a better job of restoring and forces VAP on for mac80211 if it can support it so the base interface doesn't get screwed up.


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