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Posted by:marten
Subject:How to display "Network Extras" or "Network Details"?
Date:10:16:21 22/06/2009

I've just compiled and tried running 2009-05-RC2 on an eeePC 900, with ncurses and GCC 4.1.2. No problems with using monitor mode, with the standard network drivers, and finding networks (here at home there are 2-4 displayed including my own). But can't work out how to select a network in the UI to get more information on it.

Assuming the obvious, I've tried using "up"/"down"/"+"/"-" while the network pane is active but there is no highlight bar (as shown in screenshots "Kismet UI Main View" or "Kismet Plugin Loader") and no extra line of network information. Choosing the menu option "Windows - Network Details" shows the screen as in the "Kismet Network Details" screenshot but with all of the information blank and the message "No network selected / Empty network selected". Up/down arrows and all the other keys seem to work properly in dialogue boxes.

Any information would be appreciated (even if it's something obvious that I've missed), many thanks!

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