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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet 2009-05-RC2 minor grieviances
Date:14:22:31 20/06/2009

> Mike, great work on NC - great update and works a treat on my Aspire One netbook.
> A few gripes though compared to oldkismet :
> 1) I used to change the gps loc output in the UI, to display 6 digits after the decimal point for Lat and Lon. I've been checking in the new release source, but just can't grok where to do it. A pointer to the right spot would be appreciated., kis_main_panel::proto_gps, NtoString and change the precision.

> 2) No battery status in the Linebox (kis_panel_windows). I can't find any power info related code, so I'm guessing it hasn't been implemented (yet). Do you plan to add it, since I hate having run kismet in an X environment during a wardrive, just to have a view of the battery status ?

Not implemented yet in a release, it's in SVN trunk as of this week.

> 3) Love the new UI and all the info - Hate that my keyboard shortcuts have changed, and don't work unless I first pull down a menu ;)

Yeah yeah... Not much can be done about that due to the arbitrary widget system.

> 4) Serial GPS connectivity is great. Minor snag with BT GPS's automatically added with Bluez. Unless Kismet is started as root, the IPC opening /dev/rfcomm crashes kismet_server.

Crashes eh? Alright. You can fix your rfcomm permissions with udev, too. I'll look to see what the crash is.

> 5) Missing dbus functionality in stopping NM from oldkismet. Upon exit from kismet, wlan0 is left up in monitor mode. Oldkismet managed to restore wlan0 to managed mode without promisc set on the if.

Apparently NM doesn't respond as expected to stop requests in a lot of cases, so I changed behavior to raising an alert telling the user to shut down the offending processes (it also looks for dhcp, knetworkmanager, and a bunch of other wifi config programs that would conflict)

> 6) Only new network sound/speech option. No Open/Encrypted sound/speech option as in oldkismet.

If you can figure out how to link that into the new bssid/ssid split then by all means :)

> All minor gripes though, and I just love that Kismet compiles with just one warning both with GCC 4.3.3 and with the Intel ICC 11.0 compiler (used for Atom specific optimizations) - Unused variable "display_vctor in Kis_RegDetails_Panel::DrawPanel() in kis_panel_details. You are officially my code guru ;)

Yeah that's a bit of the UI that didn't get finished before the release. Wow, it builds with the intel ICC stuff too?


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