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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:How To: Kismet RC2+Ubuntu9.04+Broadcom 4321AG
Date:12:22:42 20/06/2009

> Hello, can someone help me out here. How to install and configure Kismet-Newcore-2009-05-RC2 on my Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. I have an HP Pavillion dv6500, Vista Home Premium and an interface card: Broadcom 4321AG 802.11a/b/g /draft-n WiFi adapter. I would like a step by step installation and configuration approach from root.
> Thanks for your anticipated answers.
> Rantatalo

Oldkismet :
1. Install Jaunty.
2. Use the package manager to get and install Kismet
3. Configure /etc/kismet/kismet.conf and /etc/kismet/kismet_ui.conf
4. Run kismet.

Current kismet :
1. Install Jaunty.
2. Install the necessary build tools.
3. Download the kismet source tarball, untar it and follow the instructions in the documentation.
4. Run kismet.

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