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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Uncloaked SSID not picked up (and a couple other questions)
Date:05:46:36 20/06/2009

> I've run into a couple issues with Kismet in the past couple days.
> Item #1 is my real question, the rest are bonus :)
> I'm using an Intel 4965 mini-pci card w/ iwl4965. AP in WRT54GL running dd-wrt.
> Snippet of XML capture below.
> 1) Kismet not picking up my own uncloaked SSID.

Either your drivers are broken, or they're returning packets in a format Kismet can't figure out what to do.

Use a *very* new kernel if you want 4965 to work well with kismet. .29 at least, and don't expect valid signal levels until .30, however .30 has also shown random bad behavior for me with other drivers (rtl and 4965 getting very unhappy when devices are set in certain modes, like fcsfail).

> <detection-run kismet-version="2007.10.R1" start-time="Fri Jun 19 22:35:00 2009" end-time="Fri Jun 19 22:36:04 2009">
> <wireless-network number="1" type="infrastructure" wep="true" cloaked="false" first-time="Fri Jun 19 22:35:01 2009" last-time="Fri Jun 19 22:36:03 2009">
> <BSSID>00:00:00:00:00:00</BSSID>
> <channel>858992951</channel>
> <maxrate>0.0</maxrate>
> <maxseenrate>54000</maxseenrate>
> <carrier>IEEE 802.11a</carrier>
> <encryption>WEP</encryption>
> <encryption>TKIP</encryption>
> <encryption>CCMP</encryption>

This looks like completely bunk data. Get the current SVN trunk and try with that, also update your drivers.

[edit] Judging from your next post about client columns, you're definitely running an old version of Kismet. Upgrade to the latest release or to SVN trunk.


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