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Posted by:poorbadger
Subject:UI Columns (?)
Date:03:55:34 20/06/2009

Just tracked this down -

decay - indicates traffic within the last (decay) seconds (default: 3)
name - custom name of the network
shortname - short custom name of the network
ssid - network SSID
shortssid - short network SSID
type - type of network (group, adhoc, etc)
wep - WEP flag of network
channel - channel network is using
data - number of data packets seen
llc - number of LLC packets seen (802.11b control packets)
crypt - number of encrypted packets seen
weak - number of cryptographically weak packets seen
packets - total number of packets seen
bssid - network BSSID (MAC of AP)
info - network info flag (set by cisco APs)
flags - status flags (arp, dhcp, udp, and number of octets detected)
ip - detected IP range of network
mask - detected netmask of network
gateway - detected gateway of network
maxrate - maximum rate supported by network (mbits/sec)
manuf - manufacturer
signal - network signal power level
quality - network signal quality percentage
noise - network signal noise level

> kismet_ui.conf seems to indicate the displayed columns can be changed and to check documentation for available columns.
> I've checked the documentation and haven't been able to find those available options.
> If they're out there and I've just overlooked them - could someone point that out to me?
> From below, "name", "type", "wep", "channel", etc are pretty self-evident. What does "decay" refer to?
> thanks.
> # What columns do we display? Comma seperated. Read the documentation for what
> # columns are valid.
> columns=decay,name,type,wep,channel,packets,flags,ip,size

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