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Posted by:poorbadger
Subject:Uncloaked SSID not picked up (and a couple other questions)
Date:03:22:48 20/06/2009

I've run into a couple issues with Kismet in the past couple days.

Item #1 is my real question, the rest are bonus :)

I'm using an Intel 4965 mini-pci card w/ iwl4965. AP in WRT54GL running dd-wrt.

Snippet of XML capture below.

1) Kismet not picking up my own uncloaked SSID.

I'm running my AP w/ Beacons turned on. I pick up the SSID in Wireshark when in monitor mode. "iwlist scan" also returns the network along w/ the correct SSID. For some reason, Kismet isn't reporting this information (it does for other APs) - this is after running for 20 minutes or so sitting more or less right on top of my AP. Several weeks ago I was able to capture the SSID - since that time I've changed channels, changed encryption type (TKIP + AES to AES only), changed from 802.11b+g to g only, a couple things along those lines. Any known issues here? I haven't been able to find anything in the archives.

2) Kismet reporting TKIP + AES (CCMP) when AP is set to AES only

May just be my misunderstanding and I need to go back and check flags to verify packets being sent out but router is definitely set to AES only but Kismet seems to report both TKIP & AES capabilities.

3) Kismet reporting "wrong" channel

Kismet is reporting channel 858992951 vs. the channel I'm really running on

4) Carrier Information reported as 802.11a vs. 802.11g

I'm definitely not broadcasting in the 5GHz range.

Any help is appreciated! If there's additional information to supply or tests to run - just let me know.


Note: BSSID overwritten just because...

<detection-run kismet-version="2007.10.R1" start-time="Fri Jun 19 22:35:00 2009" end-time="Fri Jun 19 22:36:04 2009">
<wireless-network number="1" type="infrastructure" wep="true" cloaked="false" first-time="Fri Jun 19 22:35:01 2009" last-time="Fri Jun 19 22:36:03 2009">
<carrier>IEEE 802.11a</carrier>

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